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We are the parish which Includes Immaculate Conception and St. Dominic, Stone; Sacred Heart, Eccleshall; Holy Michael Archangel, Aston-by-Stone. We hope to keep you well informed during these strange times and offer some thoughts and prayers.

All new information can now be found on the Latest News page including details of the opening of church for individual prayer.
Opening our church for Mass

Dear Parishioner,

As you may be aware we shall soon be resuming the celebration of public Mass but this will be in a very restricted format. It will not be our usual open Mass that we experience at weekends. We are in extraordinary circumstances which means we have to observe very strict criteria. It is important that we protect the priest and every person that enters one of these public Masses. I am sure you will be sympathetic with the regulations that we will have to apply as we become familiar with a new way of safe living.

We have to put into operation the safety requirements as required by the government and passed to us at parish level by the Church authorities. The general principle will be to strictly observe a certain amount of people at each Mass according to the criteria of safe distance which will be 2 metres.

To enable a limited amount of people at a given Mass, I need to know the pattern of your Mass attendance so that I can calculate opportunities for Mass. As we know, the Sunday obligation does not apply so any Mass that you attend in the course of the week will be your weekly Mass. I intend initially to offer Mass at normal Mass times at the weekend. In addition to this I will be saying Mass in the week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I would like those who cannot come at the weekend to come to a weekday Mass. I would like to reserve the weekend, generally speaking, for those who are working and unable to come in the week. I am trying to avoid the situation where someone will be coming to Mass where the acceptable number has been reached and that person will have to be turned away. If we are able to space ourselves out over the Masses that will be said over the course of the week, such a thing as declining entrance to someone to attend Mass should not arise. We are attempting to contact as many people as possible, but could you please tell any Catholics that you know of the contents of this message and will you/they contact Janis with details of which Mass you/they would like to attend. Janis’ phone number is 01785 819125.

I am sorry about all this but we are all in unknown territory now. An utterly unique situation which nobody wants. My hope is that we will be able to celebrate Mass for all who wish to attend. I am relying on your co-operation. We will see how it goes and I may have to make some adjustments at some future stage. Please see here for guidance which will help you to play your part in the safe celebration of Mass.

Home news: My brother Joe continues to be stable (your prayers) and I am hoping to visit him on Tuesday – in a gazebo. I now have two hedgehogs eating in my front garden diner. I’m not sure if they are any relation to Howard Hughes in my back garden. My starlings have started with another clutch of babies, the juveniles are learning the ropes quickly – all are impossible to fill food wise. Will I never be free? God bless you all and watch over you and your loved ones.

God bless you all.

Fr. Gerard x


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