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Marist Mission Appeal – 28th November

The annual Mission Appeal is for the Society of Mary, known as the Marist Fathers. Just over 200 years ago in Lyon in France 12 newly ordained priests felt the call of Mary to found a society consecrated to Mary as the first and greatest disciple.

The first Marist mission area was the Pacific, which now produces the largest share of vocations: seminarians from those countries depend on Mission appeal funds, and others in South Asia, Africa and South America.

Pope Francis says we are all missionary disciples. Please pray for our students and priests & brothers working in mission areas, for example:

In Thailand the Marists have a school for Burmese refugees and migrants who otherwise would not receive an education (60% of those who start school finish by the age of 13): Marists also run health care there for hundreds of HIV sufferers.

One girl pupil’s story is: Sometimes my mother tells me to stop going to school …but my sister believes in my education and works hard for income. I often worry about money and how my family will have enough pay for rent, documents, school and food. But I am very grateful to go to school and I would like to say thank you to people who help our school.

A new school in Senegal started four years ago in a poor area of the capital with no previous Catholic education, and is still building. Part of the significance is that the majority of pupils are Moslem. The Marist priests teaching there say ‘The atmosphere is one of being a large family. All live together in a spirit of peace, respect, joy and discipline’.

Mission Appeals support a school in Cameroon for disabled children, and schools for agricultural training projects. In Senegal and the Philippines projects for street children help the children get security, some education, and if possible to be reunited with their families.

Pope Francis said we can make a difference now to lives of people across the world whom we will never meet. The poor being served by Marist Missions will benefit from your help. Please be generous. If you are a Gift Aider please fill in a yellow envelope.


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